16 Jan 2018
January 16, 2018

5 Tips For Moving Towards Your Destiny

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You are a MASTERPIECE, fearfully and wonderfully made! God sent you to this world with qualities, talents, attributes and your own perspective. He created you specifically for your pre-destined place. God knew who you were to become and divinely imprinted everything you would need into your DNA. Yes, all you need to become the person God intended you to be lies within you. Yes, your destiny is within you.  However; you are responsible for unleashing this God-given potential. Here are some things you can do:

1) Seek to understand what God has designed you to do
2) Believe you can do it
3) Get additional training as needed
4) Be willing to refine your skills and techniques
5) Trust God as you launch out.

I was going to say be unafraid and launch out. But let’s be transparent, moving into new areas can be scary at times. So, the key is to push past doubt, push past apprehension and refuse to allow the fear to hold you captive. Trust God and move towards your destiny.

I know that living authentically is not always easy. But, I have concluded that as long as I am living in alignment with God’s Word, I can be #UnapologeticallyMe. What does that mean? It means that I desire to see myself through the eyes of God. It means that I will embrace how God has created me. And finally, it means that I will read His Word to see who He says I am and I will aspire to reach my destiny in Christ.

Reaching ones destiny has its difficulties, but, we must keep trying. Why is it so difficult? It’s simple! Along life’s journey, we start imitating what others do and we stop being who we were designed to be. At times, it is an unconscious act, but there are times when we purposely (in error) make changes. We do this hoping that being like someone else will make us better. Maximizing our potential is made difficult when we are not self-motivated or when we desperately hunger for the affirmation and approval from others. Unfortunately, when we stop being ourselves we begin abandoning our truth. This abandonment of truth can cause us undue stress, frustration and ultimately lead us to a life of duplicity and further from our destiny.

I believe that as long as you are attuned to God and living in alignment to His Word, He will help you see exactly what He has called you to do and BE. In addition, I believe  that He will also bless your efforts as you work to reach your destiny in Him. He is a God of EXCELLENCE and desires you to be the Best YOU CAN BE for His Glory. Some may disagree and think that any effort they make to learn new things or to improve how they do things is trying to be like someone else. What do you think?

Unapologetically Me!

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