BECOMING A BETTER SPEAKER – This workshop is an informative session on how you can start improving your public speaking and presentation skills immediately. What Dr. Howard has learned about public speaking through Toastmasters has earned her the Distinguished Toastmasters status. Dr. Howard will share invaluable proven communication strategies with your group in one short session. You will learn powerful presentation skills that will engage the audiences. If presenting to audiences large or small as a component of your profession, you will benefit from this workshop. Participants will learn essential communication elements to persuade better, inform and inspire others

INCREASING YOUR LEADERSHIP QUOTIENT – Participants will learn a variety of strategies to increase their leadership quotient.
Learning Objectives:
1       Describe how to demonstrate self-confidence in challenging situations
2       Identify strategies to increase a positive perception
3       Discuss how body gestures impacts ones perception
What qualities differentiates good leaders from others with similar talents and backgrounds?  Do you know the difference between mature vs immature leaders. In this workshop, you will  that and more.  Discover the power of pause and how simple changes in your voice can increase credibility and authority.

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