Hi there! I’m Bishop Varnie Fullwood, PhD., pastor of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Ministries and Founder and President of North Carolina Theological Seminary (Sampson County College of Theology). I would like to personally endorse
Dr. Jacqueline Howard as a professionally Certified Life Coach and Empowerment Speaker.
Dr. Howard has been a part of the ministry at Mt. Pleasant for over the 28 years that I’ve served as pastor. As a member of my staff, she has been an intimate asset for our success in the training of our leadership development program. She has impacted the ministry not only at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church but also as an instructor in our Bible college as well.
Dr. Howard has tremendously…impacted the community in the area of life coaching. When it comes to leadership, she is an expert and she brings all of her experiences and knowledge to her presentations. I highly recommend her as a speaker and presenter.  She will be a valuable asset to your platform.  — Bishop Varnie Fullwood, PhD.


Dr. Jacqueline Howard is the epitome of a leader. She goes above and beyond to ensure that those associated with her will prosper. Her wisdom and loving spirit allows clients to be vulnerable, authentic and progressive. Over the three years that I’ve have known Dr. Howard, I am more impressed with her each year. This is not only because of her accomplishments, powerful storytelling skills or drive. It’s also because of her ability to be a servant-leader.  — Phyliss G. Wiliams


Dr. Jacqueline Howard has impacted my life in so many ways. Her positive energy is infectious. I became a client of hers when I was seeking help with my business aspirations. Had many ideas floating in my head but needed help putting things in perspective. She helped me tremendously. The service she provides is priceless and I thank God for the positive change that has occurred in my life because of her.  — Sharon Dobson