Testimonial of Unapologetically Me Women’s Empowerment Conference – 2017

Dr. Howard is one of the best Spiritual Coaches in modern America. I had the opportunity to attend her Women’s retreat in April and it was more than a retreat; it was transforming, therapeutic and uplifting. If you are a woman and your are looking to let your hair down, have fun and be transformed you do not want miss her retreats!
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I have have thoroughly enjoyed this conference for the last two years. As a speaker and conference attendee I have gained so much. One of the key things I’ve gained is a sisterhood and confidence in all of my abilities. This group of women will lift you up, empower you to look and go further than your current circumstances.

Coach Jacqueline Howard has created a safe space for women to explore their spirituality and develop a deeper understanding of their talents. During my time at the conference I was prayed for, prophesied to (yes, truth), embraced by my elders, and equipped with new tools to overcome daily obstacles. Invite any women who is serious about exploring their spiritual, personal power, and developing positive attitudes towards other women to attend. Peace & Happiness,
— Coach Billie Crutcher. Event Speaker and Attendee

About Me

About Me

Let me help you see the Greatness In You!
My mission in life is providing encouragement and motivation for positive change. I am passionate about inspiring others. Together we make decisions that transform and move from where you are, to where you need and want to go. With over 33 years in public education and seven years in ministry, I have successfully empowered others to walk towards their destiny.



What is Christian Coaching?
Christian Coaching is a process of transformative conversations to help you move forward towards your destiny. It will help clarify your passions, values, strengths and existing weaknesses that may be prohibiting you from moving forward. It is the establishment of a trusting relationship between us that will be critical in this coaching process.

What Is Coaching?

What Is Coaching?

Coaching Will:
Help you become significantly more proactive, while guiding you to achieve all of your personal goals, rather than performing your life in a clockwork like manner.
•  Assist you, as you build the life and career you have dreamed of, by helping you determine attainable goals and more…


Hi there! I’m Bishop Varnie Fullwood, PhD., pastor of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Ministries and Founder and President of North Carolina Theological Seminary (Sampson County College of Theology). I would like to personally endorse Dr. Jacqueline Howard as a professionally Certified Life Coach and Empowerment Speaker.

Dr. Howard has been a part of the ministry at Mt. Pleasant for over the 28 years that I’ve served as pastor. As a member of my staff, she has been an intimate asset for our success in the training of our leadership development program. She has impacted the ministry not only at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church but also as an instructor in our Bible college as well.

Dr. Howard has tremendously…impacted the community in the area of life coaching. When it comes to leadership, she is an expert and she brings all of her experiences and knowledge to her presentations. I highly recommend her as a speaker and presenter.  She will be a valuable asset to your platform.  — Bishop Varnie Fullwood, PhD.

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Angels ( Paperback – December 10, 2010 )

AnglesJacqueline Howard offers an insightful and detailed look into the existence of these celestial beings, and bolsters her conclusions with sound biblical information. The book, Angels, begins by defining angels and contrasting the biblical description of these beings to the commercial images that are prevalent in the 21st Century. Howard cites many scriptural references that support their existence. To know an angel may require one to suspend one’s judgment and reason, open up one’s heart, and mind to the wondrous possibilities that many only dream about. A person may be comfortable with his or her own private thoughts about angels but may be reluctant to discuss these supernatural spirits with a friend. After all, what physical proof is there? Is it illogical to fathom the idea of angels? Who believes that heavenly beings are helping us? Scripture leads us to have faith and believe, read John 20:29b (KJV) which states, “blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.”

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